Celebrating the Local Movement


Partnering with Locally Home

At Locally Home our goal is to help spread the word about the importance of supporting our Communities and Local Business.   Do you have a Local Business?  We would love to partner with you and help spread the word about your Local Product, Farm, Store, Pop-Up Business, Restaurant, Shop, Inn or Service.  

Here are some ways we can work together and below are a few of our favorite snapshots. 

Photography and Shot Styling

Locally Home can style and photograph your product, service or offering for use on your website and social media channels and/or on Locally Home.  

Developing Recipes

Locally Home loves recipe creation using Local Products.  We can create a recipe using your product and photograph it for your use or we can put it on Locally Home with a tie back to your website and/or social media channels.  

Local Brand Representative, Ambassador, Voice or Storyteller

Locally Home is passionate about getting people engaged and excited about supporting Local Business.  Locally Home is available for hire to be your Local Brand Storyteller.   We can represent your brand at fairs and events or through sponsored blog posts, social media post features and so much more. 

Freelance Writing

Sometimes the hardest part of marketing your Local Brand is finding the time to write about it.   Locally Home offers freelance writing and content services for your website, social media and public relations use. 

Please contact Locally Home at tedington@locallyhome.com to have a conversation about how we can work together. 

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