“I’m thrilled you are here as we celebrate all things Local. Please stay awhile and look around. You’ll find Local inspiration and goodness.”

Local Shopkeeping

Whether part of a quintessential downtown or on a quiet backroad, local shopkeepers keep our communities alive and thriving.  In order to keep building strong neighborhoods the small shops, family owned & operated and other local businesses play a vital role.  How do we play our part to help make a local community flourish? It is simple, Support Thy Neighbor!

Local Fare & Flavor

We believe that Local starts with the table. There is just something special about talking with a farmer who has a passion for their harvest, going to a fair where the local chocolatier provides a scrumptious bite of their confection or sitting down at a restaurant and watching the daily catch come right off the boat.  We are highlighting ingredients, farms and restaurants that truly signify local fare. 

Local Structures

Dwellings, Homes, Outbuildings, Barns, Lighthouses, Town Halls, Places of Gathering and more peak the curiosity of local looky- loos and draws the attention of architectural admirers.  Whether you are a history buff, first time home buyer or someone that just pulls over to peak through windows and doors of an old home, it is natural for curiosity and conversation to accompany structures.